Global 9 Religions Project
Project Description:
Your Task:
Research 3 religions from the list below:
  • Christianity
  • Judaism
  • Buddhism

For each of the religions you select, find all of the following information:
‡ Beliefs
‡ Location
Use the information collected to create a pop-up book for each of the religions you selected.

Day 1: Research Day
  • Go to the C-PP High Schools Library Website
  • On the menu on the left, near the bottom, there is a link for the 9th Grade Religions Project, click this, all of the information you need is located here, including this handout
  • Start Researching—Use the planning sheet on the back side of this paper to record information you find.
  • As you research, create a works cited page using
    • You need to go to the website and LOG IN (logging in saves your work)
    • Cite Everything you use
    • Before Research Day 2, Complete the planning sheet on the back side of this paper
Day 2: Research Day
  • Create a folder on your H: Drive to save all of the pictures needed for completing your pop-up book. Find, and save the pictures.
  • Complete a Story Board for your pop-up books.
Day 3 & 4: Create Your Pop-up book
  • Once you have completed the planning sheet, and saved all of your pictures, you can start creating your pop-up book. There is and instruction handout on using ZooBurst located on the project site, if you would like a printed copy, you can print from the site.
Day 5: Gallery Walk
  • On this day, you will be given an opportunity to view the pop-up books created by other students in your class, you will be given a worksheet to complete to collect information on all of the religions.

Click the file below for a printable copy of this assignment.
Religions Project Instructions
Data Collection Sheet
Story Boarding Form

Finding Your Resources