April is National Poetry Month:

Join the CPP High School Library in celebrating poetry by participating in one of our Poetry Activities below, or explore some great poetry resources on you own.

Blackout Poetry--
Celebrate National Poetry Month with a fun, easy, quick poetry activity. To create your own blackout poem, all you need is an article from a newspaper, magazine or a page from a book, a black marker, and 15 minutes. Creating a blackout poem is as easy, just skim the article you chose for words that pop out to you, draw a box around those words and when you are happy with the words you have chosen, use a black marker to cross off the words that you don't need in your poem. Your poem can be any length you choose, be creative!
For a visual on how to create your own blackout poetry watch the video below.

We will be in the cafeteria on Tuesday April 7th periods 5-7 handing out information and articles. Create your own black out poem then or take it with you and return it later.
Bring your poem to the library any time through April 30th to receive a candy treat and have your poem displayed in the library and on our website.

Book Spine Poetry--

Think writing poems is difficult? Maybe book spine poetry is for you. For book spine poetry, you don't write the poetry, instead, you “find” it by arranging book titles to make a poem.

We will be in the cafeteria on Monday April 13th periods 5-7 for students to be able to create Book Spine Poems. Or, stop in the library any period you are free on 4/14 and create a book spine poem then, using any book you would like. Pictures will be taken of each poem created, these will be displayed on the library website.

Here are some examples online to help inspire you:
2014 Book Spine Poem Gallery

Sidewalk Chalk Poetry--
Sidwalk Poetry.jpg

Visit the library on Monday 4/27 and bring an original poem or your favorite poem you have read. Then, using sidewalk chalk, help us create a poetry sidewalk down the back of the school. Photos will be taken of the poems to be displayed on our website. This will be going on all day on April 27th, you must come to the library (F118) to participate in this.

Magnetic Poetry--
Create your own poems with a magnetic poetry online and share them with the CPPHS Library to have your poem displayed on our website. This activity can be done anytime in the month of April. Click the image below to go to the Magnetic Poetry website, make your poem, and share it with us.
Magnetic Poetry Online.jpg
Once you have completed your poem, share it with us. Click on Save and Share and then complete the form. Please include your name, the title of your poem, your email address and then in the "Your Friend's Email Address" box, please email your poem to Mrs. Martinec smartinec@cppmail.com. Also, in the "Message to your Friend" please include your name, grade, and let me know if you would like your poem to be posted as anonymous.
magnetic poetry share.jpg