Join the CPPHS Library in our 1st Annual

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We are finally moved into our new library space and we have LOTS of cardboard from unpacking the library J This has inspired us to participate in the Global Carboard Challenge this year. Inspired by the short film, Caines Arcade (, the Global Cardboard Challenge organized by the Imagination Foundation is a worldwide celebration of creativity. We have decided not to have a theme for this year’s event, make anything you like—games, clothing, musical instruments, furniture, artwork, etc…anything your mind can imagine. This activity usually runs through September and ends in early October, but with moving into our new space we have had to adjust our timelines for our Cardboard Challenge this year.


Starting October 1st—Pick up the flyer/information in the library or access the information online from the CPPHS Library Website

By October 15th— On the library website fill out the sign up form so we know you are planning to participate. You do not need to commit to exactly what you are building now, we just want to get an idea how many projects we are going to end up with so we can have enough space to display them at the end.

All through October—Plan/design and build your cardboard creation. This can be done at school or at home. If you need a place to work, or cardboard, stop in the CPPHS Library and we can provide you with some supplies and a place to work on and store your project. Also, if you need help getting started or working through problems, please see your Library Media Specialists, Mrs. Martinec or Mrs. Robarge for assistance.

October 26th- 28th— Bring your project into the CPPHS library for display.

October 28th- 30th— We will display all of the wonderful projects that are submitted in the library. We will also post pictures of all of our creations on our website, Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram.

November 2nd-6th – Pick up your project if you would like to keep it. If not, let us know and we are happy to recycle it for you.

Sign Up Here

For inspiration: There are many examples online of wonderful cardboard projects to get inspiration. Below is the theme song for this year's Global Cardboard Challenge. There is also a link to the CPPHS Library's Pinterest board of cardboard creations, view this for some ideas or try your own research. If you need any help with this, visit the library.

Suggested Materials:
Below are some suggestions for possible building materials for your cardboard creation, but feel free to use whatever materials you like. We encourage you to use items you have lying around your house or to look for donations of materials. This is a project of creativity that focuses on reusing/repurposing and recycling.

Cardboard -- This should be your main material!!!

  • packing boxes—We Have LOTS of these available in the CPPHS Library for you to come and take
  • cereal boxes
  • shoe boxes
Re-Used/Reclaimed Items
  • toilet paper or paper towel tubes
  • empty fresh fruit or veggie containers (ie. berry containers)
  • empty bottles or bottle caps
  • egg cartons
  • milk cartons
  • fabric scraps
  • old toys or stuffed animals
  • balls (bouncy balls, marbles, etc.)
  • tape (packaging, masking, duct, etc.)
  • paint
  • markers
  • yarn/string
  • brown paper bags
  • small hoops
  • hardware supplies (nails, screws, bolts, etc.)
  • colored paper or cardstock
  • popsicle sticks

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Click here for a printable copy of the information above.