Create Your Own Comics

Use Chogger to make and share comics. With this site, you can draw and build your own comics using your own style. You can also edit or caption photos and draw lines or shapes. You can upload your own pictures as well. Us the CHOG IT! bookmarklet that you can add to your favorites bar so that you can take images from the internet and turn them into comics.

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Comic Master is a tool for creating your own original graphic novels and comic books. Design your own graphic novel using the sites backgrounds, characters and props and customizing it with your own text. Create a free account to be able to save your work. Your comics can also be printed.

Using Make Beliefs Comix you can create your own comic strip using the templates, characters dialogue boxes etc. from the site. If you are having trouble getting started there is also a writing prompts button below each from of your comic to help you get started or keep writing. These comics are printable, or can be emailed when you are finished. You do not make an account for this site so, you need to finish the comic in one sitting, at least 3 panels at a time so that you don't lose your work. You can email the work to yourself 3 panels at a time and we can same them and piece them together. See Mrs. Martinec if you need help with this.

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