Do you always do a PowerPoint when you have to do a project or presentation? Try some of these great web-based presentation tools next time you have to do a project.

All of the following are free and easy to use, but see your librarian if you need help using any of these resources.
Consider Prezi as an alternative to creating a PowerPoint. It is web-based, so it can be used from anywhere you have internet access. Aso, they have made many improvements to this resource making it more user-friendly. It also has a share option, so you and a partner can work on a project together through Prezi.
Check out this "Welcome to Prezi" video for more information
Create interactive online posters.

Turn your photos, video clips, and music into stunning video masterpieces to share with everyone. Fast, free, and shockingly easy! Get a Free Animoto for Education account by joining with Mrs. Martinec's Animoto code:Your student promotion code: a4emart44604ade04acc7b5

Great site for creating infographics and visuals.

Create interactive images!